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Bob Dylan gives rare interview. In 2004, music legend Bob Dylan spoke with Ed Bradley about his career, his image and being a music icon

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The Ice Storm (film) - Wikipedia The Ice Storm is a 1997 American drama film directed by Ang Lee, based on Rick Moody’s 1994 novel of the same name. The film features an ensemble cast of Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, Katie Holmes, Glenn Fitzgerald, Jamey Sheridan, and Sigourney Weaver.

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Days in the life: The Beatles’ history – The Beatles Bible The most comprehensive day-by-day guide to The Beatles' lives and career, with articles on their history from birth to break-up, and on to the present day – live shows, record releases, recording sessions and much more!

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Wagner Operas -- Biography of Richard Wagner Part One: The Early Years. Wilhelm Richard Wagner was born on May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Germany. A city famous for its cultural and literary traditions, Leipzig was the home of many of Germany's greatest writers and musicians.

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stoya extended — hysterical literature A personal essay by Stoya, subject of Session One of Clayton Cubitt's Hysterical Literature video project. Her personal experience of the process.

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Gypsy (musical) - Wikipedia Background. A musical based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee was a project of producer David Merrick and actress Ethel Merman. Merrick had read a chapter of Lee's memoirs in Harper's Magazine and approached Lee to obtain the rights.

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Sequel. Shaw, Bernard. 1916. Pygmalion THE rest of the story need not be shown in action, and indeed, would hardly need telling if our imaginations were not so enfeebled by their lazy dependence on the ready-mades and reach-me-downs of the ragshop in which Romance keeps its stock of 'happy endings' to misfit all stories.

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four features of 1920s Chicago Public Schools that reflect. More public elementary schools were built in the 1920s than in any other era. Their design reflected new ideas about child development and health.

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To The Lighthouse, by Virgin Woolf (1927) Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership

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Andy Rooney dead at 92 - CBS News Andy Rooney, the '60 Minutes' commentator known to generations for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays - a unique genre he is credited with inventing - died Friday night in a.

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